Offering Pilates Mat, Barre, Rebounding, Steo and Reformer Pilates Classes from our dedicated, designed and air conditioned studio in Coolangatta on the Southern Gold Coast. Introduce yourself to Good Vibes with our amazing intro deals and check our timetable for classes that suit you or to stop in, say hi and check out the Good Vibes!

Reformer Pilates

Available for all fitness levels, Reformer Pilates is a full body workout using resistance training to target small muscle groups.

• Strengthen major muscle groups
• Improve muscle tone and assist in weight loss
• Build core strength
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Improve balance and stability

A great low impact workout for those with injuries while being intense enough to get great results.

Good Vibes Reformer classes are intimate with private sessions for 1 or 2 attendees and we keep it to just 6 in our group reformer sessions. 

Socks are worn for hygiene, but if you have forgotten them, never fear, we have Toesox for sale in the studio. 

Pilates Mat (Floor)

An intense, full body workout that will push you to your limits… and past them to the other side of that burn. Just one more? That’s our pleasure. You’re welcome.

The main fitness goals of mat pilates include:
• Improving flexibility
• Developing muscle tone
• Giving the body balance
• Supporting the Spine and low back health
• Sports performance
• Body-mind awareness

A variety of Mat classes are available at Good Vibes, designed to give you strength through the middle, tone the parts that you want to show off, iron out those aches and give you a little pep talk into the weekend.  

If you are injured we are here for you! Our modifications will still leave you feeling the full intensity of your workout.    

Mat classes are not suitable for prenatal clients. 

Barre (Floor)

Using the ballet barre to focus on low-impact, and high-intensity movements – Barre is designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can. We add weights, bands and balls into our Barre classes for a more intense workout.

It’s all about turning the music up, squatting that booty down, working up a sweat and getting those hot dancer legs ready flash on any given day! 

Barre is available for all fitness levels. Bring your man if you can, beginners and prenatal are all welcome.



Disco Tramp(Floor)

House bounce is performed on a mini tramp and it’s a fun, yet intense way to exercise.

Rebounding works wonders on the abdominals, the legs, tightens up the buttocks and deep into the back muscles. 

The movements performed help stimulates the lymphatic system and aids the body to flush out toxins, bacteria, dead cells, and other waste products. 

Support your pelvic floor health, stabilises the hip joints and smile while your at it!

We’ve partnered with Barre Body as our preferred teacher training provider. 

They’re the best in the business if you’re looking to get certified in Mat Pilates, Barre or Reformer.

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