Strengthen and tone your body using our state-of-the-art reformer machines. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a series of exercises that target every muscle group, helping you achieve a lean and sculpted physique


Sculpt and lengthen your muscles with our barre classes. Combining elements of ballet, Pilates, and strength training, these classes focus on improving posture, flexibility, and overall body alignment


Join our energetic and dynamic mat classes focusing on core strength, flexibility, and body conditioning. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our instructors will provide modifications and challenges to suit your individual needs.

DISCO TRAMP (Rebounding)

A fun way to exercise on the trampoline. Rebounding works on the abdominals, legs, buttocks and deep back muscles. Stimulates the lymphatic system. Helps your body flush out toxins, bacteria, dead cells, and other waste product. Supports your pelvic floor health and stabilises the hip joints. Reformer experience is necessary.


Disco Step has all the benefits of a high-intensity workout without putting stress on your joints. It improves overall fitness by building strength Source, reducing fat, and boosting cardiovascular health. The moves target your legs, upper body, and core, building strength and flexibility. They also improve your balance, coordination, and agility.

What happens at Good Vibes...

Pilates Matt Class at Good-Vibes-Pilates and Yoga

Good Vibes is all about Pilates! Offering high energy fitness based, Pilates Mat, Barre, Bounce Circuit and Reformer Pilates classes. 

We are all about perky butts, strong abdominals and  cardio fitness… Giving you long lean muscles and balance!

It’s not too serious here at Good Vibes, but we are serious about bringing you unique, dynamic and challenging classes that will work on your weaknesses and bring you to a new levels of fitness, flexibility and energy.

Shop Til you drop!

You’ll look cute as a button in our Good Vibes designed activewear. We’ve got hot crops, leggings & grip socks. For those chilly sessions get your Good Vibes Hoody out or come in and check out our range of Archies foot wears, bamboo under wears and accessories by Move Active & yoga design lab.   

All the gears you need to get you on the floor, on a reformer or at the barre to look super styling while you get down.  

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